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I would like to thank Europe Study Connect and the entire team, especially the director for helping me get my student visa for Vincent pol university . They helped me in finding the right university and course. They were there for me through the entire process and was knowledgeable of everything. If I had any queries, They would always reply promptly, no matter how many times I called them. Thanks again Europe Study Connect , for helping me achieve my dreams.

Student, Vincent pol university, Poland

Europe Study Connect assisted me with the whole application process for my International Business Management program, sorting out all documents needed for study visa until the very end of the journey to Poland. Everything went well and i am settled in the peaceful and affordable country and I am recommending everyone to contact them because they have the BEST service ever.

Mazvita Chibaya
Student, Vincent pol university, Poland

Europe Study Connect helped me with the entire application process for my Bsc Nursing program, all I can say is everything was above board, the communication was smooth and they did most of the stuff and I recommend them because they know what they do and can be trusted to deliver. Poland is a nice and affordable country to be in,safe especially for students so far everything is fine and I have settled in very well

Student, Vincent pol university, Poland

The whole admission and visa process are really stressful procedures. There is always some complication be it big or small. Having an Europe study connect help me through it all was the best decision I made. When complications came up or when i made mistakes regarding the process i knew i could count on them to help me through it. They responded quick and were always available. With them helping me my admission and visa application processes were smooth and I’m grateful for that.

Student, Vincent pol university, Poland

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