● Minimum requirement IELTS 5.0

Engineering and science Bachelor programs

●Mechanical engineering ● Electrical engineering ● Automotive engineering ● Information and communication Technology (ICT) ● Industrial Engineering and Management ● Civil engineering ● Advanced technology ● Business Information Technology ● Chemical engineering ● Creative Technology ● Computer science ● Architecture ● Aviation

Medical Bachelor Programs

● Medicine ● Nursing ● Physiotherapy ● Veterinary medicine ● Odontology ● Pharmacy ● Occupational Therapy ● Health Psychology ● Beauty science ● Medical Biology ● Midwifery

Business Bachelor Programs

● International business management ● Accounting and Finance ● Tourism ● Economics ● Business Administration ● Business Law ● Marketing and communication ● Entrepreneurship and Digital marketing ● Real estate management ● Facility and property management ● Logistics and International Trade ● Hotel and Hospitality Services management ● Events management ● Sport Business management ● Entrepreneurship and Fintech

Arts Bachelor Programs

● International Relations ● Law (LLB) ● Social work ● Political science ● Journalism ● Visual arts ● Humanities and social sciences ● Psychology

Masters Programs

● M.A in International relations and diplomacy ● M.A in Humanities ● Master of Business Administration ● LLM in International Intellectual Property Law ● LLM in Law and Development ● M.A Intercultural communication ● M.A Graphic arts ● M.A Data science ● IT cyber security ● M.A Business Psychology ● International Law ● Logistics management ● MBA with specialisation in Sports Business Management ● MBA with specialisation in Digital Transformation ● MBA with specialisation in smart industry ● MBA with specialisation in Clean technology management ● MBA with specialisation in Health and social care ● MBA with specialisation in education ● MBA with specialisation in Finance ● MBA with specialization in Hospitality Management ● MBA with specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Innovation ● MBA with specialisation in International management ● MBA with specialisation in Human Resource Management ● MBA with specialisation in Digital marketing and Communication ● MBM (MSc) with specialisation in Digital marketing and Communication ● MBM (Msc) with specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Innovation ● MBM (MSc) with specialization in sports Business ● MBM (MSc) with specialization in Hospitality management ● MBM (MSc) with specialization in Event Management
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