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Vincent Pol University

Lublin, Poland
Vincent Pol University (VPU) is a private university, located in Lublin in eastern Poland. It is approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees recognized across the European Union, and by extension these are recognized globally.

Witternborg university of applied sciences

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is a Dutch government accredited Vocational University in the centre of the Netherlands, offering bachelor's and master's degrees - vocational education - at higher level

Vistula University

Warsaw, Poland
Vistula University is a place where you will find an atmosphere of openness, trust and partnership, you will discover your talents and specify your career plans. You will learn critical thinking and responsible leadership.

Anglo American University

Anglo-American University is a private university in Prague, Czech Republic, providing courses in English. Founded in 1990, it was the first private university in the country to use English as the language of instruction.

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI)

The University of Economics and Innovation was founded on October 24, 2000 in Lublin. Its name unveils the mission of the school: regional development and improvement of regional socio-economic situation. Currently the number of students is almost 12,000.

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University was founded October 23, 1944 in Lublin. It is named in honour of Marie Curie-Sklodowska. Currently the number of students is almost 36,000. The university has 302 professors, 231 habilitated doctors, 826 senior lecturers, and 1829 teachers in total.

The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw

The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw is a place of new opportunities. At the modern campus, located in the center of Warsaw, we create a space for students to boost creativity, develop a successful career and carry out a variety of projects.

University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen (Hungarian: Debreceni Egyetem) is a university located in Debrecen, Hungary. It is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary (since 1538). The university has a well established programme in the English language for international students, particularly in the Medical field, which first established education in English in 1986.

Medical University of Gdańsk

The Medical University of Gdańsk is the largest medical academic institution in northern Poland. It educates more than 5000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in four faculties.English in 1986.

Medical University of Warsaw

The Medical University of Warsaw is one of the oldest and the largest medical school in Poland. The first academic department of medicine was created in 1809. It is one of the most prestigious schools of medical science affiliated with a number of large hospitals in Poland

University of Information Technology and Management

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów was established in 1996 and we are the largest and highest-ranked private university in south-eastern Poland. The current structure of the University has four educational faculties – Management, Applied Computer Science, Media and Social Communication, and Medical Faculty.
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